Mantra Of R K Meena: Pay Rs 50 Daily, Own A Plot

Mantra Of R K Meena: Pay Rs 50 Daily, Own A Plot

Buying a house is not always easy and especially so for the low income group families. Builders have never tried to understand the dreams and aspirations of common man. In the hope of getting good margins and higher sales income, the developers mostly focus on houses that can be bought by the rich. There was a huge gap. But R K Buildestate has devised an innovative scheme by which even the lower income group people can own a house.

As per the scheme, a person, who can spend Rs 50 per day, will be able to buy his own land. It is very difficult for the poor to buy a land in the current inflationary situation. Houses are built by various builders but one cannot buy a home because they are very costlier for the common man. Keeping the situation in mind, R K Meena, director, R K Buildestate, said that they can meet the aspiration of the common man by providing land for very affordable installments of Rs 50 per day.

“Our mission is to fulfill the dreams of the needy people to own a house or plot. We are focused on quality residential and commercial projects with global standards while ensuring that the plots and houses are within the reach of common people in terms of affordability. We strive to deliver value for money as well as provide better investment opportunities,” said Meena.  “Our aim is to provide land to the needy people. Today, we provide land to people who can pay between Rs 50 and Rs 77 per day, and this is the most cheapest way of getting a piece of land,” added Meena.

Meena is the founder of R K Buildestate and has over 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He started his journey with hotel industry. After success in the hotel business, he entered the real estate sector in 2007 and that was a turning point in his career.

Even though the real estate market in the country is facing strong headwinds and demand is not increasing in proportion to supply, R K Buildestate is bucking the trend. “We have already built 23 projects out of which 10 are completed and 13 are under various stages of development. There are four projects where people have started staying.  The company has emerged as one the few fastest growing real estate companies in Jaipur with thousands of satisfied and happy families whose dreams of owning a home or plot have come true,” said Meena.

R K Buildestae has expanded its footprint with six branches employing over 100 people. It is currently trying to deepen its presence in the country with more branches and franchises. R K Meena has received several awards and accolades from government and different organizations. But Meena says, “The main award is customer satisfaction and happiness of thousand families.” Meena has vision to become a global leader in real estate market with highest standards and providing satisfaction to customers. “We have very talented and professional team from lower to top management level.

Our business principles are the guiding force for the professional team to deliver what the client requires. Our job is to work with our clients as part of a family member with the common objective of providing a win-win situation to both” said Meena. 

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